Horse Riding Lessons

The horse riding lessons are held in our open air riding school. We can teach anyone from 4 years old upwards and all lessons are one to one, like this you learn much more and faster in a shorter time.

Our way of teaching is different from the traditional way. We will teach you to ride in a horse friendly way with your body. Feeling, balance, timing & synchronization are important. You will learn to communicate with the horse so there is no need for whips, spurs or even heels! You will soon be riding confidently, without or with a bridle in a natural way resulting in a more comfortable ride for both horse and rider.

1 hour private lesson

(30 min first contact with the horses: reading and feeling your horse, brushing, saddling, communication on the ground + 30 riding)

Children under 12 – 16€
Adults – 17 €

Out of respect for the horses, the maximum permitted weight of the rider is 80kg