Horseback riding in Portugal

Horseback riding in the breath taking centre of Portugal, for children and adults with and without experience! Hour rides and picnic rides or 10 to 40 min rides for  inexperienced riders and children from 4 years old.

Hour rides

rides outside accompanied on reins

10 min.  – 12€ / 20 min.  – 14€ / 30 min.  – 16€ / 40 min.  – 18€

1 hour ride outside accompanied on reins: € 22

rides for experienced riders

hour rides: € 20/hour/person (private rides/1 person :25€/hour)

Rides with 2 Guides — 28€ per hour(when 2 people without or very little experience)

Full Moon Ride — 25€ per hour/person

Picnic and  horse ride  per person

Picnic – 18€ + Ride (40min, 1h, 1h30, 2h or 3h)

Riding helmets, chaps and trousers available!

For the horse riding events we limit the number of participants to 7 people. Every participant has to take care of his/her own horse: cleaning the horse and checking the riding equipment. If you lack experience we will assist you.
Out of respect for the horses, we cannot permit people heavier than 80 kg. It is very important for the group to be honest about your riding experience because the less experienced riders will slow the pace down for the advanced. 

People with little or no experience can have some lessons or they can have a guided walk for max 1 hour,walking on reins.