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Quinta da Alegria, Lugar da Regada,  3420-136 Midões-Tábua, Portugal

Liesje: +351 964 59 80 87         João: +351 96 395 75 90

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Booking, payment / cancellation accommodations “Quinta da Alegria-Portugal by Horse”

Your reservation will be converted into a final booking as soon as we have received 30% of the total rent by bank transfer. You pay the remaining 70% on the spot. If you book within 3 weeks before arrival date, you will pay the total rental amount before arrival. Payment instructions can be found in the booking confirmation that we will send you by email.

In case of no-show, earlier departure than planned or cancellation, deposited amounts will not be refunded. It may therefore be desirable to take out cancellation insurance. 


We ask for a 200€ deposit upon arrival but count on you to report any damage to our property to Portugal by Horse and Quinta Alegria honestly and in this case, you also take your responsibility if a compensation is justified. The deposit will be returned 2 weeks after your stay, after verifying any damage.

Rental conditions & Tips


*We have many animals; they are not allowed in the accommodations and also not fed. If they are annoying, please inform us.
*In 90% of Portugal there is extreme drought, also here, we therefore ask you to handle water responsibly.
*No parties or gatherings allowed out of respect for other guests.
*Visitors only allowed on request.
*No music outside the accommodations, the silence of nature is rare, music and noise can be heard everywhere.
*Be careful when driving away by car, our old deaf dogs don’t hear your vehicle! and are often located at the entrance of the Quinta.
*Cars are not allowed at the cottages. Park your vehicle in the car park.


*Pets are allowed as long as they behave well!! we have free-ranging chickens, ducks and cats that we love to keep.
*Dogs are not allowed to bark out of respect for other guests, try to keep it minimal.
*Additional charge 15 € / animal / week.
*Our dogs are not allowed to accompany guests on walks, 2 dogs are deaf and are hit by a car when you take them.
*During the months of July and August, dogs are not allowed at the caravan but are allowed at the other accommodations.
*Dangerous breeds are not allowed.
* No dogs allowed in the area of the pool out of respect for other guests.
**Dogs and cats from the farm are not allowed to be fed and are not allowed to enter the accommodations.
*The horses may not be fed.


*Smoking outside the buildings.
*Smoking is not allowed in the accommodation!! Ashtrays are outside on your terrace.
*No cigarette butts on the floor, keep them in your pocket or in the ashtray!!
* Smoking is not allowed in and around the pool area.


*Children under 2 years stay for free.
*Not allowed to pick fruit from the trees without asking the host/ hostess.
*Not allowed to chase the animals, they can be cuddled when they want, not when you want to.
*Respect for the animals.
*The horses may not be fed without permission; children can help us during feeding in the morning or evening if they wish.


*No music allowed at the pool out of respect for the other guests.
*No smoking in the area of the pool.
* Dogs are not allowed in the area of the pool.
*No glass bottles or cups allowed in the area of the pool bare feet do not like broken glass.
* No bombs allowed in the pool; the skimmers will break down.
*No bathroom towels by the pool, your pool towels are in your accommodation.
*No bathrobes or slippers by the pool, the bathrobes and slippers are for use in the house, not outside.


*We love our planet, please do your best to recycle, if the bins are full you can always warn us.
**Do not throw away food or food! You can deliver it to the main building, we give it to our animals.


*Do not bring your own microwave, coffee maker, toaster, kettle etc. … we are in a rural environment, our electricity capacity is low,
connecting these machines can cause a general electrical failure.

Thank you for making Quinta da Alegria a little paradise on earth!