Auto Draft

Dear Liesje and Joao,

When we’re coming to you to Quinta Alegria, we arrived from Germany totally stressed out and out of all our power and motivation. In this wonderful spot you’ve created, is so much peace and such an endless beauty, that all our troubles from house falls off. It is so pretty easy to enjoy the holidays here. We were fascinated by the nature, fell in love with your animals, excited by the horse rides, relaxed by chilling in this amazing apartment and so much more.

Nico, Kiko, Telma… they are so true and make us laugh so much. We had a great time here and can start totally relaxed and full of energy and with unforgettable memories of our first (but sure not the last) time in the serra da estrela.

Don’t change a thing!!

Thank you very very much. I’m sure we will meet again.

Mandy & Joe