Horsemanship Lessons

Dancing with horses

Horsemanship, João can teach you to understand horses and also communicate with horses direct and in an objective way. You will learn to read and understand  horses and be able to communicate and move them on the ground and in the saddle.

All courses and lessons cover the following from a basic to an advanced level, according to duration:

– The language of horses
– Feel, intuition, balance, timing, synchronization
– Ground work & ridden work
– Manoeuvres

You can choose to join a workshop of 2 days or more days or do a  combination of a workshop and a beautiful holiday on our farm whilst visiting some of the most beautiful places in central Portugal.

Individual lessons

1 hour Lesson – 35,00€

Horsemanship course

Two day workshop (4 lessons of 1h, lunch, coffee/tea)

Price: 200€