Quinta da Alegria – Midões

Our farm

Quinta da Regada is an area south of Midões in the center of Portugal. Quinta Da Alegria (Regada) is 1 of the farms in this location.

The Shepherd Antonio Pereira, used to live here with his family, it is a very fertile piece of land of about 25 ha. They had a big herd of sheep and people would come a long way to trade or buy sheep and goats.

One day Antonio lost his hand in a community party holding a firecracker. Bad treatment brought an infection and he lost his life. The farm got abandoned; overgrown with blackberry bushes, half of the fields plowed and dry. Fruit trees wild and others dead.

That’s the way we found Quinta da Regada in 1998. The roof of the side building collapsed, the wine casks full of vinegar, the house with its furniture and a 12-year-old layer of dust on top.

Now it looks very different…


Our little village Midões has quite a lot of history. This you can see from the buildings around such as the palace, the church, the houses of the Portuguese nobility and the Celtic graves.

Many of the paths around the accommodation are following the trail that João Brandão took to escape from his prosecutors. This Portuguese Robin Hood lived in the 19th century and fought for the rights of the poor. Only 130 years ago there was terror and poverty in this region.

Also you will notice the cultural impact left by the Romans with their roads, bridges and buildings which we sometimes cross on our rides. There used to be a real hippodrome in Midões they say.

This means, our guests will have unforgettable days of nothing but dazzling nature. Lots of culture, relaxation for the body and mind on a trip to never forget.